Friday, January 27, 2017

World War Two

I don't know much about World War Two except that German and the U.S were involved in it.  So, the things I want to know about World War Two is how it started.  I have no idea about who started it and what happened for it to start.  I also want to know who fought against the Germans beside the U.S, and who else was on the Germans side.  Another thing I want to know is how long it lasted.  If I find more stuff I want to know I will include it in the next paragraph.

Now that I have come back with research on this topic, I know what I had wanted to know.  So, World War Two first started in Britain when they declared war on Germany for attacking France through Belgium.  The U.S however did not get involved until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941.  Other countries got involved too but they each had there reasons.  Back to the U.S,  they went out of World War 2 after Japan got defeated.  I learned that Italy, and Japan were on Germany's side in this war.  I also learned that Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, and China were all on the U.S's side.  It lasted 6 years, but only 4 for the U.S.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Abstract Blog

My abstract noun is happiness.  Happiness is an emotion that is felt when something you have done makes you joyful.  Happiness is abstract because it is not physical and can not be measured.  I chose this abstract noun because I knew how to define it and I experience it throughout my daily life.  I see it in my daily life when my mom sees my grades, most of the time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Presentation Reflection

     From this presentation on Milbank, I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't know about Milbank.  I learned that Milbank was founded by Jeremiah Milbank.  Jeremiah came to what wasn't Milbank then, but was now,  with $15,000,000.  $15,000,000 is now like $15,000,000,000 now, and he donated $15,000 to help build a church.  Another thing that I learned about Milbank is that it has a granite called Rose Granite that can only be found in the quarries here.

     I would still like to learn more about how Milbank was founded.  The only thing that I learned was that Jeremiah Milbank donated $15,000 to help build a church.  I already knew that he had founded Milbank.  I would like to know more about why he came to Milbank.  Another thing that I would like to learn more about is how Valley Queen was built and how long it took.

     My plans/ideas for what I am going to write about is how Valley Queen Cheese factory was founded.  I would like to learn more about how it was made, how long it took, and how many people worked on it.  Another thing I want to write about is how Jeremiah Milbank came to what is Milbank now.  One last thing I would want to write about is the Mill.  I would want to write about how it is symbolic to Milbank.


English Blogs #123

     A group of people that have affected the Milbank community are the Milbank school staff.  They have done a lot of things for the community.  For example they give us a great education.  They make our school one of the best.  They are all super friendly and love to help.

     Another group of people that contribute a lot to the community is the 4-H staff.  For example they set up a lot of activities like "Achievement Days."  Achievement Days is when 4-H members can do projects and exhibit them.  If you exhibit something, you get judged and paid for it based on how it got judged.  Another thing that 4-H does is the "Malt Wagon."  The Malt Wagon is a trailer that comes to the visitor center in June.  You can buy really good malts there that everyone enjoys.

 A place in Milbank is special is "Unity Square."  Unity Square is a community place where you can work out and swim.  You can meet your friends to work out or swim.  In the swimming pool, there is slide and a basketball hoop.  There is also a hot tub and a sauna.

     A reason that I like Unity is that I can meet family there.  For example, we had my cousins birthday party there.  Unity provides a room for occasions like that.  We swam and played racquetball at his party.  Unity Square is really special to me because I have a lot of memories there.

    Two things that make Milbank special is the "Cheeseburger Day."  This is a community based event where you can go to have a guaranteed good time.  "Cheeseburger Day" is a free will donation event so you can donate if you want too.  It is appreciated though if you donate since it the cost of it is not free.  Besides the Cheeseburgers they also have ice cream.  Special events like these are ones you can only find in Milbank.

     "Cheeseburger Day", like I said before free donation event where you can go and get cheeseburgers.  The burgers are cooked by the Millstone, a restaurant in Milbank. The cheese is from Valley Queen Cheese Factory, also in Milbank.  The people that serve the burgers are all volunteers from Milbank.  The buns are all donated to the "Cheeseburger Day" by local businesses.

     "Cheeseburger Day" is also a great place to meet someone new adding to the free burgers donated by local businesses.  If you want to meet someone new you can just go sit by someone and start a conversation.  If you don't feel like meeting someone new, you can go with family and eat burgers.  It is a great place filled with lots of good vibes.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vikings Season

The Vikings' season started out great.  There record was 5-0 at the start of week seven.  Week seven started the losing streak after the Vikings' loss to the Eagles.  After the loss to the eagles the season got worse and worse.  I think it all started after the bye week in week six, but who knows.

After the loss to the Eagles, they had a really bad loss to the bears whom they shouldn't have lost to.  After the bears they lost to the Lions and the Redskins.  Then the next game they beat the Cardinals in a really close game.  Then the losing streak started again when they lost to the Lions and than the Cowboys.  They should not have lost to the Cowboy.  For one thing there was a vital face mask call that the referees missed, and a fumble that probably should not have been a fumble.  After that the Vikings won against the Jaguars.  The week after they lost big time to the Colts.  The week after they lost to the Packers in a terrible game played by the Vikings.  Finally they ended the season in a blowout win against the Bears.

Monday, November 21, 2016

3 Day Weekend

This weekend, we had a big blizzard.  At my house, we had about a foot of snow.  School on Friday was cancelled on Friday and it was great.  The snow is still here and it should stay since we are supposed to be getting more snow on Tuesday and Thursday.  In this blog, I will be talking about what I did on the weekend.
On the weekend, I spent most of the time outside.
While I was outside, I shot my sisters snowman with my B-B gun.  Other than playing outside, I watched the Vikings beat the Cardinals.  Another thing I did during the three day weekend was sleep.  We are supposed to get more snow tommorow and Thursday, so I am hoping we will get another snow day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scary Losing Streak

Hi it's Benett again.  So in this post, I will be talking about what has happened to me over the past few days.

Halloween just happened, but I didn't go trick or treating.  I stayed home and watched the Vikings game.  I was really disappointed when they lost to the Bears, because they are not that good.  I don't know what is up with the Vikings.  They are on a two loss streak, against teams they normally would have beaten.  Hopefully they can pull it together against the Lions.

  The days after Halloween have gone by quickly.  I haven't had much homework, and the stuff that I did was really easy.